Melts on your tongue

Saturday morning when making the shopping list for the weekend my daughter said she wanted to eat that dish that melted on your tongue. Since I have two dishes that could really measure up to that description I decided to make both for dinner tonight. The combination is excellent, and my daughter is right: It melts on your tongue.

Fried potato, peppers and eggplant

The first dish, “fried potato, peppers and eggplant”, comes from a wonderful cookbook that was published after a successful Australian series. Almost two years ago SBS broad-casted the Italian Food Safari. A wonderful series about the food traditions of Italian emigrants in Australia who have kept their traditions and food for over a generation. The accompanying website has all the episodes and recipes. But I also ordered the book, a true must on your bookshelves I believe!

Steak slice with lemon and thyme

The second dish comes from another must have book. “Steak slice with lemon and thyme” comes from Nigella Express. The book has recipes that are simpler, and do not need as much time as many other recipes. Nevertheless they are not less delicious. Also here there is a fantastic website that has many of the recipes. The good thing about this website is the “switch to imperial” button that makes it possible to easily switch between measurement systems. Although… a recent and beautiful infographics from Shannon Lattin is a perfect help for doing all sorts of conversions!

So I went out to the local butcher and greengrocer. Some great Corno di Torro, another vegetable that has some beef in its name: a coeur de boeuf or cuor di bue. And a delicious Sicilian eggplant. He also had some new harvest lemon from the Amalfi coast. Only the ingredients alone…


When it comes to the planning in the kitchen, the both dishes fit well together too. Cutting the vegetables and while the potatoes are baking the meat can be prepared, plus of course the dressing the meat should marinate in afterwards. A thing that I added to Nigellas’ recipe is that I heat the oven on low temperature. While marinating the meat I keep it in the oven to keep it on temperature.

Fried potato peppers and eggplant

At the last moment you add the garlic and make it fry in the pan briefly before removing it. A variety on using garlic oil. Then the tomatoes and the basil leaves. Prepare the plates, and yes, my daughter was right: it melts on your tongue…

on the plate

The photographs are made while cooking with the camera of my phone, apologies for the quality.


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